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If you are contemplating buying a New Home, a NHA Realtor will be very valuable to you. They have specialized knowledge of the New Home Communities, in the area which you are considering, the builders therein, their peculiarities, what concessions are possible and what to look for that the builder's salesperson is not required to tell you. We also are your champion in any dispute. Builders prefer to keep Realtors and their clients happy.


We pay You, To retain Us

As part of our business model, which was designed to benefit our clients, our Realtors operate as your Buyer's Agent as they show you homes that meet your criteria. Clients that execute our agreement are eligible to receive a VISA Gift Card valued up to $10,000,(based on the amount of commission our Realtor's Broker receives from the Builder). 


Hire Us, you'll be glad you did.

We are free. In fact we pay you to retain us. What could be better than that?  To find out "What's the catch?"

Email us at: NewHomesAmerica@mail.com

or Call: 239 302-5983

We'll be pleased to tell you how it is our Realtors are thrilled to help their clients find the perfect home and then hand them a  THANK YOU GIFT at closing  WORTH THOUSANDS. 

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To be eligible for a VISA Gift Card up to $10,000, Tell us who you are & where you want to buy your New Home?

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